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Installing an automatic irrigation system will allow your yard to look its best. No longer will you have to spend precious time dragging a hose. Your lawn will be green and your plants will be healthy, all being watered while you sleep or are away from home.


At CWH Sprinklers, we are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional product. We promise to be different, to be set apart by excellence. This is what we promise to you when you choose CWH Sprinklers & More to meet your lawn watering needs.

We promise good communication.

We listen, ask questions and come to an understanding of your needs. We assess the unique watering requirements of your lawn and plantings. We test your water source and structure your system within its source capacity. We discuss products with you and select those products that best fit your needs.


We promise to custom design a system that meets your needs.

We use only the highest quality components and materials available. We meet all electrical and plumbing codes. The proposal we develop covers all costs with no surprises. Your design will provide even watering of your landscape and the integrity of your system is guaranteed.


We promise a clean installation of your automated system, using the latest technology and efficient methods.

We follow our innovative techniques to minimize disruptions to your landscape. We give careful attention to yard preparation. Your system is installed the "trench-less way." Sod is preserved and cleanly put back in place. No one does a finer, cleaner job. When finished, you own a lawn sprinkler system that keeps your landscape green and healthy, even with the most difficult community watering restriction.


We promise to follow through.

We train you to use your new system and provide you with a watering schedule. We walk you through and show you how your system works, including the use of the controller, as well as component locations.


We promise value.

Because of our quality workmanship and because we use only the most reliable water saving components our system is an excellent value. It will work efficiently and virtually trouble free. Water will be conserved and maintenance costs will be minimal.


We promise prompt, efficient, courteous, responsive service.

With our experienced  staff  we are able to provide unsurpassed service.

Achieve your dream lawn.
Tell us about your project today.

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